Omg the food here is so good, especially the bossam (boiled pork) 😍 the beef cheese egg roll, corn cheese and chicken cheese bulgogi were nice as well!
The service here is really good too, the staff are friendly and have a cute personality 😂

This is the first time I came here and I'll definitely be back again! We ordered the chitterling and vegetable stew and the stew was just so amazing! It was so flavorsome, the spice was just right and not over bearingly spicy and it was over flowing with the taste of chitterling! The lady who served us was very friendly, efficient and hard working! We'll be back again!

This is a must go Korean soup restaurant in Melbourne CBD. Soup restaurant usually catch the attention of elderly Korean people but as this place is lively, clean with variety of foods, many youngsters and foreigners were in the restaurant and enjoy of their time there.
-Love Melbourne